Shipping and returns

Shipping of your package

Packages are shipped within 2 days after the payment reception with UPS standard (you'll be given a tracking number and your parcel will be shipped overnight, cost is around 30 to 60 euros). Packages can also be shipped with UPS "Extra" and dropped-off with signature, a faster but more expensive option. Please contact us before choosing any type of delivery, additional fees could be involved. Whatever type of delivery you choose, we'll send you a link to track your package online.

Shipping costs will include preparation costs as well as postal charges. Preparation costs are fixed, whereas transport charges will depend on the package's weight. We recommend gathering all your items in a single order. We cannot gather two separate orders, and you must know that shipping costs will be charged for each of them. Your package is shipped at your own risks, yet a special attention will be given to fragile objets.

Packages sizes will be tailored and we'll make sure your item is safe.